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The International Organization of Scenographers, Theatre Architects and Technicians (OISTAT) was begun in 1965 in Prague, Czechoslovakia to encourage the exchange of ideas between theatre artists and technicians behind the Iron Curtain with those in the free world. Since the wall came down, there have been continued exchanges through this organization that now extends to 52 countries. 

Every four years OISTAT organizes the The Prague Quadrennial, which highlights performing arts events from all member countries. 

The mission of OISTAT is to stimulate the exchange of ideas and innovation, and to promote international collaboration in live performance. We respect the integrity of all cultures and celebrate our diversity as well as our similarities. The Costume Working Group falls within the Scenography Commission of OISTAT.

There are five different commissions within the organization: Education and training; Publication and communication; History and theory; Technology and related fields; Theatre Architecture and related fields; and Scenography and related fields. Sarah Nash Gates (USA) and Maija Pekkanen (Finland) founded the Costume Working Group in 1996.  The current head of the Group is Laura Crow (USA).  The huge job of disseminating information has prompted the members of the Costume Working Group to create this web site. It will be an ongoing resource for all. This web site is the culmination of many months of work from several countries. Thank you for your interest in sharing in our diversity.  Laura Crow, Chair.  Laura.crow@uconn.edu

Prague 2003 Quadrennial Golden Triga Award Joan J. Guillen of Spain - The Magic Flute  The Dragon in the opening scene of the Opera

USITT's Costume Commission helps to support The International Organization of Scenographers, Architects and Technicians (OISTAT) website for their Costume Working Group at costumes.uconn.edu . The website shows a number of international resources available to professionals as well as students.