Scenography Commission







USITT Conference and Stage Expo

at the World Stage Design

Toronto Canada- March 16-19, 2005

Marina Raytchinova

Renderings for "The Virgin Queen"

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In Toronto the focus of the Scenography Commission was female scenographers around the world and their influence on the art form.

Ms. Reija Hirvikosky from Finland presented "the Female Scenographers in European theatres." Historically there have been strong female scenographers in the whole of Europe, so Prof. Hirvikovsky chose to highlight some of the newer female scenographers in Europe .

Prof. Hye Suk Chang from Korea will present "the Female Scenographers in Asian theatres." Most consistent were her findings that this is a growing field for women.

Prof. Laura Crow from the USA presented “Susan Benson, Stratford Festival Canada 's Famous Scenographer and Her Influence on Design in the USA and Canada .” Ms. Benson works from the Actor out and this creates a scenic design around the world in which the costumes reside.

Everyone embraced the first “World Stage Design.” The Mexican designers won the first place in all three categories.

Jorge Ballina - Scenic

Philippe Armand – Lighting

Monica Reija – Costume