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Costume Working Group Meeting & Prague Quadrennial

Prague, Czech Republic 2007

June 13-22, 2007

"The Birds Parade and Carnival Workshop"

Two days of workshops led up to the Birds parade on the 15th of June. All PQ and Scenofest participants were invited to celebrate this extraordinary festival of design. The participants gathered outside the vystaviste and headed to Old Town Prague to raise some awareness of the PQ and the multicultural power of the arts.

Papers Presented by

• Loyce Arthur and Clary Salandy “ Trinidad Carnival Costumes”


• Rolando de Leon “Foam Costumes for Philippines Carnival”



• Treva Reima “Traditional Carnival Floats from Rio de Janeiro , Brazil ”

• Bill Brewer from the USA came prepared to do FossShape (thermal felt) and WonderFlex (thermal plastic) demonstrations.

Connie Furr Soloman in a Hopi bird from the Workshop with that she (from Arizona State) and Marianne Custer (U of Tenn) from USA ran.

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The Costume Working Group met in Prague with each carrying something for the Birds Parade as excess luggage. Friends loaned sewing machines and other equipment, so as usual the large event sponsored by the Costume Working Group of the Scenography Commission, happened with the generosity of spirit that so marks this organization. On this occasion the object was to create a parade of giant birds to publicize the Prague Quadrennial.

Kazue Hatano's group from Japan created Origami wings.

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Lisse Klitten from Denmark designed a Turkey for the parade

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Rainbow Bird designed by Canan Goknil of Turkey

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Student wearing costume designed by Miriam Guretzy of Israel (blond woman standing next to the costume)

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There were 59 countries represented at the Prague Quadrennial this year, and many of them were part of the parade preparations that lasted for two days on the 13th and 14th of June, culminating with the Parade from the Vistye Vyste down to Old Town Prague on the 15th of June 2007 . Augustine Bazaale from Uganda worked next to Rolando De Leon from the Philippines creating foam headpieces. Lise Klitten from Denmark worked along side Rita Geerts and Tina Mathulessy from Belgium, Loyce Arthur and Gini Vogel from the USA, and Piret Rumsfeld from Estonia. Kazue Hatano from Japan brought 25 students and worked with Canan Goknil from Turkey , and Sunniva Thelestam from Sweden . Another group of Turkish designers headed by Hakan Dundar created a huge peacock with its tail feathers fanned out. That was worn bravely by Sue Keisau who nearly blew away before they cut some holes in the fan tail. From the USA , Bob McDonald and Abby Wurster helped with the organization and crowd control. Michael Franklin-White headed up a crew who painted banners with slogans for the Parade and Clary Salandy from Trinidad/UK came with a full sized blue elephant to lead on the birds and trained others to create the large scale costumes. Bill Brewer from the USA came prepared to do FossShape (thermal felt) and WonderFlex (thermal plastic) demonstrations with generous donations from Dazians International, Burbank California .

All Taped up - Time was short and students got creative.

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The buzzard by the entrance carried by a student. 

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Bird Head by Laura Crow, Bird Body by Abby Wurster with Team USA.

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Wings over Prague

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A number of sponsors were very generous. Most particularly the Dupont Corporation, Wilmington Delaware , who donated rolls of Tyvek, Magid Safety and Glove Company, Chicago Illinois , who donated 600 white overalls, and Jansport of San Leandro, California who donated 20 backpack frames. We were also grateful to Cynthia Turnbull and the Department of Theatre at Denison University for a donation of “Ubu Roi” costumes made out of Tyvek, and to Maketa Fantova for donating not one, but two sewing machines.

Magid Glove Girls

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Pulling for PQ thanks to the Dupont Corp. for the donation of rolls of Tyvek.

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Totem Pole in the Old Town Square. 

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Magid Glove Bird

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Magid glove bird

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Scenofest had planned for 3000 attendees and 6000 signed up for workshops prior to the PQ event. Between 200 and 300 people helped to create the Birds Parade in some capacity or other.

The Parade was almost destroyed by the weather. With all of the steaming hot and humid weather during the set-up, no one expected a torrential downpour two hours before our start time. It was not just a downpour of rain, but there were hailstones about 3/4 of an inch in diameter plummeting down as well. The central parade coordinator, Jakub Matjka, said that the weather people expected it to blow over. Everyone at the Vistye Vyste worked on like Spartans, but many of the parade volunteers stayed at home assuming the parade would be rained out. The result was a parade that was a good deal smaller than anticipated. Many unused costumes were laying fallow on the floor of the Exposition Hall.

Canadian Thunderbird totem Pole

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Kazue Hatano from Japan created several costumes with her students from folded paper

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On the good side, the rain cooled everything, so when the paraders set out on the three kilometer hike, it felt very fresh. The walk was stunning along the palisades that look over the old town of Prague , and the paparazzi attention was astounding. All of the paraders felt like celebrities, and even though the number of onlookers was greatly diminished due to the weather, there were still some crowds who were very appreciative. The weather was cool and beautiful after all, with an elegant late afternoon sun coming out about 6pm and staying around until about 9:30pm.

Augustine Bazaale from Uganda in his bird outfit.

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Viktoria Strikic from Germany as Goth Witch Bird

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Parade for Multiculturalism with Japanese Students

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Students at the end of the Parade in the Old Town Square

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Prague Quadrennial

At the Prague Quadrennial, the schedules were ever changing, as might be expected for a huge gathering of 23,000 people. Everyone's communication skills were strained. The confusion, however, created a bond. Many new friendships came from asking another what they planned to do next. Cramming everything into a 10-day period may have made for a stronger daily attendance, but the chance to enjoy and indulge in some exceptional experience was not so possible. The events happened at many disparate locations around the city and transportation was a constant issue.


Prague Quadrennial

The Prague Quadrennial, however flawed, remains the most stimulating time for people in the costume profession to see everyone else's design work from around the world, and to talk with costume artists from near and far. The diversity is still stimulating. One can see costumes for a “King Lear” played out in the northern lands of Norway in the snow and ice. There was an “Ubu Roi” done with primitive carnival intensity and Minstrel show blackface performed in tents and trucks in Estonia , and a “Medea” played out in a very African South Africa. It was even interesting that there was a Macbeth from Germany with almost no costumes at all. The form of the human body was decorative enough.

The women of Mexico won the Gold Medal for costume design for multiple shows that embraced a history of Magical Realism. There were pieces made from thousands of pins stuck into pincushion headdresses and other very interesting material choices.

There was a choice of the judges to issue only one award this year for Costume Design.

The student exhibit, as usual had some remarkable work, including 200 costumed maquettes from Russia . The Russian professional exhibit won the Golden Triga for their themed exhibit about the dreary plays of Chekhov in an inch or two of water with light bulbs and wire dangerously lluminating the whole. Huge rubber galoshes were provided for visitors to the pavilion.

Taiwan put on a spectacular floor show for their National Day with huge puppet costumes and some serious drumming. Their exhibit was a birds nest created of thousands of pieces of caning. They had many costumes that showed classical costume mixed with modern looks.

There were also live fashion shows with costumes made on the spur of the moment with used clothing that had been donated. Doina Levintza from Rumania , who had an honorable mention for her costume exhibit in 2003 put on a spectacular runway show of new costumes from old garments.

Some of the best costume design went relatively unnoticed in the Spanish pavilion. There were costumes with a political edge and a dangerous look to them that spoke so eloquently about our troubled world today.

Future meeting proposals:

•  Copenhagen Denmark . June 10 – 13, 2008. An exploration of period costume and whether period study is relevant to costume design today. A trip is planned to the Rosenborg Collection of rare costumes from the 17 th century.

• Scenography Meeting June 13 - 16, 2008

•  Waermland Sweden . June 17 – 20 , 2008. An exploration of costume and light in the Swedish countryside on midsummer's eve. This will involve the collecting of objects found in nature to create costumes for midsummer's eve that have texture that play nicely in light.

Prague Workshop Professional Attendees

Becs Andrews - UK - becs.andrews@gmail.com

Loyce Arthur - USA - loyce-arthur@iowa.edu

Liene Bartkevica - Latvia - liene@jsc-ogre.lv

Augustine Bazale - Uganda - augustine.bazale@aol.com

Hilary Baxter - UK Wimbledon AC - hbaxter@wimbledon.ac.uk

Alexandra Bonds - USA U of Oregon - abonds@darkwing.uoregon.edu

Sandy Bonds - USA - abonds@uoregon.edu

Bill Brewer - USA U of South Florida - brewer@arts.usf.edu

André Cortez - Brazil - Andrecortez2004@yahoo.com.br

Irina Cherednikova - Russia St. Petersburg -Alexandr-orlov@yandex.ru

Tracey Collins - New Zealand - Tracey.collins@clear.net.nz

Rebecca Cunningham - USA Brooklyn College - crebeccac@earthlink.net

Marianne Custer - USA U Tennessee - mcuster@utk.edu

Edit DelCampo - Chile - edelcamp@uchile.cl

Rolando de Leon - Philippines - Rolliedl2000@yahoo.com   www.freewebs.com/padat www.freewebs.com/otsaa

Dorien de Jonge - Netherlands - doriendejonge@orange.nl

Hakan Dundar - Turkey - Hakan@hakandundar.com

Marketa Fantova - USA Alfred U - fantova@alfred.edu

Michael Franklin-White - USA U of Connecticut - michael.franklin-white@uconn.edu

Connie Furr-Soloman - USA Arizona State U - cfurrdesign@msn.com

Rita Geerts - Belgium - rita.geerts@belgacom.net

Canan Goknil - canangoknil@dressbestuniforms.com - Turkey / Costume Designer, Teacher

Kazue Hatano - Japan - kazue@hinix.com

Reija Hirvikoski - Finland - reija.hirvikoski@kolumbus.fi

Tali Itzhaki - Israel - avital@gmail.com

Mira Kalanova - Bulgaria mkalanova@abv.bg

Sue Keisau - USA - KAKeisau@aol.com

Lise Klitten - Denmark - liseklitten@kuisse.dk www.kulisse.dk

Sodja Lotker - Czech Republic - sokja.lotker@theatre.cz

Jerome Maeckelbergh - Belgium - theatermacker@pandora.be

Tina Mathulessy - Belgium - octomatu@hotmail.com

Robert MacDonald - USA U of Connecticut - robert.mcdonald@uconn.edu

Anat Mesner - israel - amesner@bezequint.net

Margaret Mitchell - USA U of Incarnate Word - margaret@uiwtx.edu

Lubov Oves - Russia - lubovove@narod.ru

Sofia Pantouvaki - Greece - sofsceno@gmail.com, sofsceno@in.gr

Maija Pekkanen - Finland - Pekkanen@maijap.pp.fi

Ljiljiana Petrovic - Serbia Acad.FineArts,Belgarde - petrovicart@sezampro.yu

Marina Raychinova - Bulgaria - marinaray@yahoo.com

Treva Reimert - USA - reimert@central.edu

Igor Roussanoff - USA / Rusian - roussanoff@cup.edu

Piret Rumvolt - Estonia - Mari_ann99@yahoo.com

Peter Ruthven Hall - UK - ruthvenH@aol.com

Simona Rybokova - Czech Republic - simonarybakova@quick.com.cz

Clary Salandy - UK Mahogony Group - costumes@mahoganycarnival.com www.mahoganycarnival.com

Jerad Schomer - USA U of Connecticut - jschomer@email.com

Sabine Snijders - Netherlands - sabine@wardrobe.nl, www.wardrobe.nl

Sunniva Thelestam - Sweden - thelenord@telia.com

Susan Tsu - USA Carnegie Mellon U - stsu@andrew.cmu.edu

Nic Ularu - USA/Rumania - ularu@gwm.sc.edu

Pirjo Valinen - Finland - prjo.valinen@ouka.fi

Chris Van Goethem - Belgium - Chris@tead.be

Pascaline Van Heddegem - Belgium - pascaline@belgacom.net

Virginia Vogel - USA U of Nevada Reno - gini@unr.nevada.edu

Abby Wuster - USA Francis Marion U, D.C. - awurster@FMARION.EDU

Prague Workshop Attendees

Ellen Strasserelly - 300@hotmail.com - Victorian College of the Arts Australia / Costume Designer, Student

Dimitra Theodoriou - dimitra_theod@yahoo.gr - Greece / Student

Emma Loughridge - emmzie1_l@hotmail.com - WAAPA Australia / Costume Designer

Lucía Silva - socotoro@montevideo.com.uy - Uruguay / Student

Emma Louise O'Donnell - emmalouodonnell@hotmail.com - Inchicore College of Further Education Ireland / Student

Viktoria Strikic - espero_a_noite@yahoo.de - Germany

Tanja Bovin - sds@scenograf.dk - Costume Working Group Denmark / Set Designer, Costume Designer

Lone Ernst - sds@scenograf.dk - Costume Working Group Denmark / Set Designer, Costume Designer

Heather Lockard - hlockard@umd.edu - University of Maryland United States / Costume Designer, Student, Costume Construction

Diana Khoury - Iamdianakhoury@hotmail.com - United States / Costume Designer

Alisa Sickora Kleckner - aasickora@hotmail.com - United States / Costume Designer

Balate Cecile - balate.c@hotmail.com - Belgium / Student

Sévigny Eve - beautyfull_@hotmail.com - Canada / Student

Regilan Deusamar Barbosa Pereira - regilandeusamar@terra.com.br - Universidade do Rio de Janeiro - UNIRIO Brazil / Costume Designer, Architect

Miriam Jurgensen - miriamj@mac.com - United States / Student

Alison Alexander - redbug2086@hotmail.co.uk - United Kingdom / Student

S. Sunna Reynisdóttir - ssr1@hi.is - Czech Republic / Student

I have some experience within the field of puppet theater, and would especially like to attend some puppet theater workshops.

Chandeze-Avakian Maida - chandezem@ensad.fr - ENSAD France / Student

Michael Horchman - horchman@ensad.fr - ENSAD France / Student

Jean-Baptiste Hardoin - hardoin@ensad.fr - ENSAD France / Student

Pascaline Van Heddegem - pascaline@belgacom.net - Belgium / Set Designer, Costume Designer, Teacher

Efrat Aravot - efrat_ar@yahoo.com - Tel-Aviv uni. Israel / Set Designer, Costume Designer, Student

Emma Caporn - elcaporn@student.ecu.edu.au - Australia / Set Designer, Costume Designer

Clare Amos - clare.amos@gmail.com - United Kingdom / Costume Designer, Student

Juli Zippel - juli.zippel@gmx.de - abk maastricht Netherlands / Set Designer, Costume Designer, Student

Deirdre Dwyer - deirdredwyer@gmail.com - Rough Magic Ireland / Set Designer, Costume Designer, Student

Vania Cerri - vaniacerri@uol.com.br - Brazil / Set Designer, Costume Designer, Theatre Theoretician, Teacher

Desiree Masucci - dmasucci@rollins.edu - Rollins College United States / Set Designer, Costume Designer, Actor, Student, Makeup

Deborah Wheatley - drkwangduc1@aol.com - Univ of Maryland United States / Set Designer, Costume Designer, Student

Rachel Kemp - rachelkemp24@hotmail.com - United Kingdom / Textile designer

Fleur Kingsland - f.kingsland@ecu.edu.au - Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts Australia / Theatre Technician, Teacher