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Costume Working Group Meeting & Copenhagen, Denmark 2003

June 10-13, 2003

We were welcomed by Lise Klitten shown here by the old University Library with Rita Geerts from Belgium


The Court Theatre at the Christianborg Castle

They have extant theatre garments going back to the 18th century.


Burned down twice and last reconstructed in the mid 19th century.



The Court Theater Museum has the original Tarantella Costume worn by Nora in A Doll’s House from the premiere of the play.  It is badly in need of restoration.  The red silk on the bodice is rotting away.

Rosenborg Palace

Built by Christian IV as a Country House in the early17th century is now firmly within the main downtown area of Copenhagen. It houses a few wax portraits, Christian IV’s death outfit complete with the actual blood, and the crown jewels of Denmark.

We found wonderful paintings with depictions of the general populace as well at the court paintings from the 17th century.

Solid Silver Throne

  • The King had a solid silver throne and accessories made that were based on the set belonging to Louis XIV.Louis’ set was only silver leaf, however.
    The set from the French nobility was lost during the revolution. This set was loaned to Versailles during the bicentennial as a gift from Denmark.

Christian IV had a spendid gold crown made by a German artisan


Tour of the costume shop - Danish Royal Ballet theatre.

Tina Sander,  Costume Director

They were remounting an old Giselle with designs by Desmond Healey.
The tutus were hung upside down in the costume shop like clouds above us.

They even have a full time flower maker. Tine Sander says that it is cheaper to hire someone full time than to buy the very expensive fake flowers today. Since they build ballets, flowers are essential

Anne Sophie Bruun showed us their collection of Historical Theatre Costumes. 




She heads their stock rooms and has been putting aside pieces of obvious historical value. 

As of now, the museum is housed in an old attic room of the theatre. 

There is a very comprehensive cataloguing system developed in the 19th century that tells when they were made and when they were worn

Symposium and Dinner with the Society of Danish Stage Designers

Paper #1:  Katia Johansen “The Costumes of the Rosenborg Castle”

An American who went to Copenhagen in the1970s,  she just stayed on as the curator of their collection.  It is quite extensive, yet there is no where to display them, so they rest in a warehouse.  We resolved to write letters to the Rosenborg administration encouraging them to create a place to display the garments.


She also discussed her technique for recreating medals, so important for period dress.

Other Lectures

  • Virginia Vogel  “How Does One Teach History Without Any Museums?”
  • Laura Crow “Do We Need Costume History if We Only Create Non-Period-Specific Theatre?  A Look at the Costumes from A Parade of Dramatic Characters from Prague 2003”
  • Rosane Muniz “Research on the Costumes of the Municipal Theare in Sao Paulo Brazil and How Preservation can be Useful in Today’s Theatre.”
  • Wei-Wen Chang “The Ritual Theatre of Taiwan’s Ghost Festival” August 10 - 20, 2008.  All are invited to attend.

Thursday Trip to Fredericksborg Castle in Hillerod




Annette Maslak showed us her reproduction clothing created for children to feel history.



The program has been incredibly popular, so they add new costumes every year to expand the collection.


It seemed Like fun to us to!



Mira Kalanova from Bulgaria models one of the outfits



The costumes were made to fit a large range of sizes from small children to medium sized children, and even some very small adults.



Frederiksborg Castle houses a Fantastic Collection of Paintings from 1500s - 1900s

For a finale we went to the Louisiana Modern Art Museum

below are Rosane Muniz, Brazil
Miodrag Tabacki, Serbia
Kazue Hatano, Japan

We had our final business meeting there for Elections




  • Co-Heads until PQ 2011
  • Lise Klitten
  • Laura Crow
  • Vice-Head
  • Kazue Hatano
  • Recording Secretary
  • Virginia Vogel
  • Program Director 2009
  • Nic Ularu
  • Program Director 2010
  • Canan Goknil


Motion:  To elect Laura Crow and Lise Klitten as co-heads of the Costume Working Group for a three (3) year term until PQ 2011.
            Approved 16-0

Motion:  To elect Kazue Hatano as vice-head of the Costume Working Group for a three year term.
            Approved 16-0

Motion:  To appoint Gini Vogel as secretary for this meeting.
            Approved 16-0

Motion:  To accept the rules of a Scenography Commission Working group with modifications.
            Approved  16-0

  1. Approved.
  2. Approved.
  3. modification to read:  “as voted on by the Working Group.”
  4. Approved.
  5. Approved
  6. language should read “suggested” rather than “instructed,” and end with “at which the business of the Working Group is conducted.”
  7. Approved
  8. Approved
  9. A Working Group is presided over by a Head, who may be assisted by “up to two” Vice Heads, “plus a program director and a secretary appointed annually.”

10. The Head and “Vice Heads are elected by the official representatives of the OISTAT Centers for four year terms.  Officers may be elected for up to 3 terms with exceptions.”  The procedure for the election of the Head is governed by the rules of It’s own Working Group.
11. Approved.
12. Approved

Motion:  To encourage the development and support for a working group with an emphasis on scenic design.
      Approved 16-0

Discussion:  To keep the meetings of the Costume Working Group in close proximity to the meeting of the Scenography Commission.

Discussion:  As programming is created for the Scenography Commission, it is the hope of the Costume Working Group that the Chair of the Scenography Commission will also extend an invitation to the members of the Commission and encourage other designers in the area to participate.

Election of Program Directors:
      Nic Ularu for 2009
      Canan Goknil for 2010
                  Approved 16-0

Motion: As an actively functioning component of the Scenography Commission, we, the Costume Working Group, feel that we are missing the acknowledgement and support of the Scenography Commission.
      Approved 16-0

Motion:  To extend official thanks to Lise Klitten, Julie Forchhammer, Lone Ernst and Annette Maslak for an exceptional program and warm welcome.  The meeting of the Costume Working Group in Denmark was a great experience.
      Approved unanimously. 16-0

Meeting Adjourned for official group photo.

Upcoming Meetings

  • 2009, end May, begin June – Rumania – 3 day workshop Bucharest, 4 days in Sibiu, subject “Folk Costume and Cultural Exchanges in Theatre,” Gallery Exhibition
  • 2009, September - Republic of South Korea - WSD
  • 2010, May, June – Turkey – 7 day workshop, Istanbul, “The Khaftan, and Ottoman History.”
  • 2011, June - Prague Quadrennial – Costume Musuem Exhibition "Extreme Materials"
  • 2012, USA - Costume Design Las Vegas
  • 2013, Brazil - Sao Paulo Carnival in Rio

In Attendance


1. Belgium – Rita Geerts
2. Brazil – Rosane Muniz
3. Bulgaria – Mira Kalanova
4. Denmark – Lise Klitten
5. Denmark – Julie Forchhammer
6. Denmark – Lone Ernst
7. Denmark – Anette Maslak
8. Finland – Pirjo Liiri-Majava
9. Finland – Marja Uusitalo
10. Japan – Kazue Hatano
11. Netherlands – Tina Matulessy
12. Netherlands – Sabine Snijders
13. Rumania – Nic Ularu
14. Serbia – Miodrag Tabacki
15. Taiwan – Wei-wen Chang
16. Turkey – Canan Goknil
17. USA – Laura Crow
18  USA – Virginia Vogel



1. Bulgaria – Marina Raytchinova
2. Czech Republic – Simona Rybakova
3. Finland – Reija Hirvikovska
4. Finland – Maija Pekkanen
5. Israel – Tali Itshaki
6. Philippines – Rolando DeLeon
7. Philippines – Joy Rago
8. Sweden – Sunniva Thelestam
9. Turkey – Hakan Dundar
10. UK – Hilary Baxter
11. UK – Peter Ruthven-Hall
12. USA – Marianne Custer

Farewells and Group Shot

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